— Anonymous: First of all, you guys have answered all my requests and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Second of all, I was just wondering how you guys keep track of all the fics you read because I (and I think a lot of other readers) am CONSTANTLY losing fics that were great but didn't necessarily compel me to hit that favorites button only then a few weeks later I want to reread and it's nowhere to be found. So, as you are the experts, how do you keep track?

Great to hear that you have found the blog useful!

I usually first bookmarks the fics on their respective sites if it is possible( in cases of ao3, trekiverse, ksarchive) then put them to my personal bookmarks and little reason why I liked, and small part of the plotline, so that I will remember which fic is fic, if there are many similar. I have own sections for different fandoms, wips, and completed, tropes, lenght, pairing etc. I just automatically bookmark everything on sight, if liked it even a little bit.

Sometimes I just forget to bookmark things, usually happens when the fic so good that after it I just run off to read everything else the author has written.

I also used delicious.com for bookmarks before, but the UI changed for worse, but some of my friends still use it.

And here is a tip: When you get new computer and back everything up, remember to back up also those ff bookmarks, sniff

— Anonymous: Hi! I'm really sorry about this but there's a fic I really want to read and I could have sworn you guys recced it but I've been combing the tags pages (along with other rec blogs/sites) all night and haven't been able to find it. I can't remember the title, but the plot was essentially that Jim woke up one morning totally convinced that he and Spock were in a relationship even though they actually weren't due to evil alien substances. Does this ring any bells?
TOS. After rejecting the advances of a stranger, Kirk returns to his and Spock’s hotel room and during the night somehow is made to erroneously believe that he and Spock are lovers.
— Anonymous: this is kinda specific but do you have any fics where spock is a rich buisness man and kirk is his spoiled husband or something along those lines?

I only know of that oneshot in lj which is probs what inspired this request, sorry. :( I’ll link that here though anyway.

Spock is a rich businessman and protective over his spoiled husband, Jim. by Anonymous

AOS. Spock an extremely rich and successful businessman. Jim is his pretty, young kept boy who Spock loves more than anything. Jim is spoiled and pampered and doted on, and even though Spock is wrapped around his little finger, he does love Spock too.

— Anonymous: I think the link for Animus is broken. I was wondering if you could fix it please? It looks like a great fic. :)

OKAY the deal with Animus is that it’s been deleted as littlebirdtold deleted their blog on lj a while ago but never uploaded it on ao3 like they did for the most of the fics. So unfortunately it can’t be read anymore :(

— Anonymous: Hi! I'm looking for some good hurt kirk fics. preferably with worried spock.

wELL YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE *cracks neck and fingers*

Sotto Voce by sinestrated

AOS. Five crewmembers Jim Kirk risked his life for, and one captain the Enterprise started a war over.

Celebrate the Earth and Sky by Aerlalaith

AOS. Earth never reached its full technological potential. The Federation never happened. But the serendipitous rescue of a doomed mission sets into motion a series of events – and individuals – whose choices will either release Earth from its chains, or bind it forever. Dystopian AU.

Dead Letter Office by rabidchild67

AOS. Five letters Spock never sent to James Kirk and one he did.

Death Wish by A S Leer

AOS. Spock might just murder James Tiberius Kirk, if the captain doesn’t get himself killed first.

Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered By His Crew (And One Time He Mothered Them Right Back) by _seven_crows

AOS. It says a lot about his life that Jim’s no longer surprised to be waking up in sickbay with no idea of how he got there.

Looking For Shooting Stars by miss_meh

AOS. Spock and his family have moved to Earth. He has accepted this. But when Jim Kirk moves in next door and Spock accidentally gets a glimpse of the younger boy’s pain, Spock refuses to accept the fact that he cannot help. It may be illogical, but he will unravel the mystery that is Jim Kirk.


Many Waters by what_alchemy

AOS. Four years after Spock left him, Jim is finally going to get an explanation.


Paradigm Shift (Or 5 Times Jim Kirk exceeded Lieutenant Uhura’s Expectations) by Lilas

AOS. Despite general opinion to the contrary, hating Jim Kirk came very easily to a lot of people.


Redshift by museaway

AOS. Dual tragedies bring the Enterprise’s command team closer together, but the gap between them grows when Spock discovers something in Jim’s mind. This is a story about falling in love, falling apart, and falling back together.

— Anonymous: Is Sammi back, or is the blog still in the hands of Scandinavian mafia?


The mafia is keeping tight reins on this blog, sorry!

I totally approve of this decision!

— Anonymous: Is Sammi back, or is the blog still in the hands of Scandinavian mafia?

The mafia is keeping tight reins on this blog, sorry!

thebearcaptain: Just wanna say, I love your blog! I remember when it was first starting out, and I'm so glad to see it's gotten so big! Sorry if someone's asked this before, but do you know of any fics that take place in a real life high school au? Like nerd spock, jock kirk, that kind of thing? I'm a sucker for cliches.

Here are some high school spirk~

Valentine Troubles by JSS
AU/AOS, Spock is the most popular kid at school and tries to invite Jim, an introverted nerd, for a date on Valentine’s.
I put up “high school” tag since it has been asked for a few times.
— Anonymous: HELLO would you know any long and slow and adorable domestic tics? like really long and really domestic. and fluffy. omfg love you

Hiya! You might wanna check our domestic tag

— Anonymous: Are there any K/S fics where they're in an established relationship, but it's a secret relationship? Like the crew/Bones doesn't even know?
The Exile by Elise Madrid
TOS. When their relationship is revealed, Kirk and Spock must fight to build a new life.
I will rec this fic to ends of earth.
Ours and Our Alone by
AOS. Kirk and Spock are two sides of the same coin.
Cover of Night by Killa
TOS. While waiting to learn what will come of the fal tor pan, Kirk relives memories of his destructive and secret relationship with Spock. How can he find redemption when Spock doesn’t even remember him?
— Anonymous: Hello lovelies! Not sure if this has been asked before, but.. any Sound of Music AU's? Kirk = Maria, Spock = Captain von Trapp! *swoons*

Aa fellow Sound of Music fan! But sadly I don’t know any and my searches ended up with nothing…

— Anonymous: Hello! Do you know some fics with yoga? Maybe yoga instructor au or just Jim or Spock doing yoga in canon universe? Thanks!

Seems that there are many mentions only about Spocks “yoga-style exercise” and etc. Here is one au with more yoga than just one phrase, not an yoga instructor au.

Fire and Ice by

Jim needed to be seen and Spock needed to find home, it took them spilling each others blood on the ice to find what they were looking for.


— Anonymous: Any cuddling on the captain's chair? Please?

Sorry I don’t know any cuddling on the captain’s chair. I only know of fics with sex on captains chair :””””””””””D

pywren: Hey there, I really REALLY love this blog and I always consult it when I'm searching for new things to read. I already went through the tags and couldn't find it there, so I thought I'd ask: Have you any stories where Spock turns feral? The only one I ever found was "master of a nothing place" by strzyga and I'm absolutely in love with this trope.

Righ here!  and here and here also it seems

— Anonymous: Your blog is huge and the best spirk fanfic rec blog on tumblr. out of interest what is your most liked post, I mean what trope?

I actually don’t know. After checking the archive this seems to be our most popular post. We are rec blog focused on the spirk pairing and our most popular post is chulu fic rec list :D


No wait this stranded on a planet post seems to have more notes.