— Anonymous: Anything, really just anything like Leave No Soul Behind? I read it ages ago but I'm having such a huge craving for a fic like it, I'm tempted to read it again. (Also, by 'like it' I mean well written, filled to brim with techy, spacey stuff, a thrilling plot and with some sweet spirk lovins.) I know it might be a tough request and I'm sorry but IM JUST HAVING THESE FEEELSSS AND THEYRE NOT SIMPLE THEYRE KILLING ME AND leavenosoulbehind just *sobs*

Please remember that we aren’t miracle makers and every fic is unique! But here are few that fit some your needs

AOS/AU. A strange device lands James Kirk in a reality where he never existed past an embryo. Now his mission is to not only convince the occupants of this new universe of who he is, but also find a way back.

But will Jim really want to leave once he realizes that the first officer he had been secretly dreaming of is both available and interested in the reality?

Rekindling Fire by Jenna Hilary Sinclair

TOS. What happens to Kirk and Spock after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I got such feels from this fic, and it has thrilling plot, sweet spirk loving, and techy spacey stuff.

The Illusion of Something More by TDazz

AOS. Spock’s years as a cadet were the worst of his life— he spent those years homesick, lonely, uncertain if he had made the right decision, terrified that his father would never forgive his choices. The only bright spot came from an unlikely source— a virtual companion who would tell him anything he wanted to hear for 75 credits an hour.

Jim was too young to be on his own. He was too young to have his own apartment, too young to hold down most jobs. Certainly too young to be selling his services in the sex industry, but no harm done. None of it was real. At least, not until a homesick Vulcan looking for companionship stumbled onto the channel.

What ensued was an addictive, steamy relationship where the lines between fantasy and reality were sometimes blurred beyond recognition. Some parts were painfully real, including the distance that separated them. There was no overcoming that.

At least, not until two weeks into the Enterprise’s first five-year mission, Captain Kirk recognizes his First Officer as the client he had fallen in love with when he was just a rebellious teenager. Then it was just an illusion, but now it could be something more.

I really liked descriptions how the virtual world would work

The Twilight Zone by

TOS. Sent to a tidally locked planet to represent Starfleet at an important conference on resource management, Kirk and Spock are torn apart when a bomb explodes at the beginning of the meeting.

Ship of Dreams by LonaMyLona

AOS. In the wake of The Enterprise Incident, Kirk and Spock are asked to undertake an even more dangerous mission: bringing down an arm of the Orion Syndicate. This mission requires them to go deeply undercover for an undetermined length of time, Jim as a slave trader, Spock as a slave. Only a few key higher-ups in the Federation are in on the plot. In order to get the entire galaxy to believe they’re serious, Jim sells Spock into slavery and goes rogue as a slave runner with the core of his crew, who are all hunted as outlaws by the rest of the Federation.

Before they part, Spock establishes a link between his mind and Jim’s, so at least they won’t be alone in their own personal hells, and can coordinate together to bring down the Syndicate. Nevertheless, their new roles push them both to their limits. On their quest for personal and intergalactic freedom, the crew discovers just what they are capable of, and Kirk and Spock learn how much they mean to each other.

Warnings: slavery, non-con, explicit violence

Evolution by Rhaegal

AOS. In his first year in command of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk must gel his new team together, adapt to his abrupt change in status over his friends, and deal with falling for his first officer. And, of course, there’s always someone out to threaten the galaxy.

Oh god the ending.

Between the Mountain and the River by Rynne

TOS/ AOS. Sequel to Start Infinity Again.  Jim Kirk has survived the Nexus and falling through a black hole into another universe, and he and Spock have settled onto New Vulcan with the rest of the Vulcan colonists. However, the Vulcans are having trouble dealing with their pain, Sybok has appeared, and somehow Jim keeps getting briefly dropped into other universes. Jim may have retired from Starfleet, but he finds there’s still plenty of work for him to do.

This has some interesting techy stuff imho, and I really liked the plot.

The Four-Nostriled Creature Chronicles by Four-Nostril

TOS. The Enterprise has picked up a primitive ape, in Spock’s opinion. Gathered a valuable crewmember, in Kirk’s opinion. Future chemical analyst or animalistic distraction? McCoy gets explicit (he uses the words “bulbourethral glands” in bed) so be warned.

The Preserver by

AOS. Spock is killed on an away mission. The burial is postponed when the Enterprise must respond to an emergency in deep space with a captain who is slowly descending into madness. Meanwhile, Spock Prime improbably reunites with Kirk Prime, but now they must struggle to survive in a dimension where nightmares are real and a powerful being wants them in her collection.

"What a childish, arrogant punk this Spock was. It may have been Kirk’s imagination, but this Spock’s smirk was a touch more sarcastic and threatening, and it made Kirk want to wipe the stupid thing off his face."

Warnings for torture.

ishipspirkway2much: So i red veritas by the problematique on ao3 and it is a WIP but i'm like 100% sure that i've red it completely before i just can't find it? do you know another site where i could read it :3?

It’s completed on fanfiction.net~

— Anonymous: Any fics where they start off as rivals/hating each other and then fall in love? ( like they antagonise each other but cannot deny attraction... so hatesex ensues)

Here you can find something similar also some here

— Anonymous: Love your blog!! There's this one fic (I think on AO3) where kirk and spock go to visit sarek in new Vulcan and sarek feeds him peanuts and kirk almost dies and spock gets mad at sarek. Thanks so much!!!!

Thorns, Sticks and Other Honey Days by

AOS. One year after their bonding, Spock and Jim come to visit Sarek on the Vulcan colony. It’s not as simple as it’s made to be.

— Anonymous: hello! first loving your blog, second do you girls know any fic about the episode "the enemy within" that would deal with/call out the sexism, and the assault of rand. it would make feel better about the world...

Intermission 5: Sticks and Stones by Roisin_Fraser

TOS. From “The Enemy Within.” Spock learns the power of words, among other things. Told from Uhura’s viewpoint in the first and last sections, and Spock’s in the second section.

evil-wears-a-bow: Hey! a long while ago, (probably a month or so ago) I asked for some Spirkhura/Spock/Kirk/Uhura recs. I never saw an answer for it! So I was just checking to see if it ever came through... I can't find AO3 tags, and I'm wandering that if there is, you have recommendations. There's no rush! But I'm on here a lot, I wonder if I missed it. <3

I’m sorry, but it was most likely deleted as we only rec threesome fics when they fit a specific request like a panty kink etc. 

I don’t read any spirkhura fic (nor mcspirk for that matter) but Katri might know some?

— Anonymous: Omg! Sorry to bother you but can you recommend me any 5 times +1 fics?

Ofcourse you lovely anon, have some!

Windows to the Soul by jessica499499

 AOS. Five times Spock hated his eyes and the one time he appreciated them. 

Kiss Me (or Five Times Jim Kirk Had To Steal a Kiss From His First Officer, and One Time He Didn’t Have To) by

TOS. Five times Kirk had to steal a kiss from his First Officer, and one time he didn’t have to.

Collecting Kirk by Swing-21

TOS/AOS. Five times Spock met another version of James T. Kirk.

Prehensile by janice_lester

AOS. 5 times Spock used his cock to effect a daring escape, and one time he employed it in a more conventional capacity

My Captain by KCS

AOS. Five reasons why the crew of the Enterprise would follow James T. Kirk to Hell and back, and one reason why he would do the same.

5 Times James Kirk almost died and one time he didn’t by Angel Baby1

AOS. You can take the daredevil out of Iowa, but you can’t ever take the driving-off-cliffs out of James T. Kirk, as the unfortunate crew of the Enterprise soon learns.

Four Times Kirk Noticed Spock And One Time Aliens Made Him Do Something About It (Sort Of) by thedeadparrot

TOS. Kirk is pretty in touch with his emotions. Except for when he isn’t.

I think this one is very beautifully written

 Hurricane by sinestrated

AOS. Five times Winona Kirk was a badass mom, and one time she realized she’d raised an equally badass son.

The Four Times Spock Said Yes to Jim Kirk and the One Time He Said No by snowlight

AOS. Uhura is a riddle onto herself. Kirk still flirts with her (it’s gotten to be a reflexive habit since the Academy years), but these days her rebuffs are just a touch colder, with just a little bit more sharpness. It’s still playful, maybe, probably, but it feels like there is something vaguely spiteful hidden underneath the shroud of harmlessly playing house.


Sotto Voce by sinestrated

AOS. Five crewmembers Jim Kirk risked his life for, and one captain the Enterprise started a war over.

because who doesn’t love hurt!kirk i mean wow i live for this trope

— Anonymous: Hi! I'm trying to find this one fic that was either on KSArchive or Ao3, where the planet chosen for New Vulcan has more water and the Enterprise crew has shore leave there, and they start swimming and having fun in the water while the vulcans look at them like they're insane? Until a vulcan child almost drowns and it's like a turning point for them? Also, Sarek and another vulcan were eyeing Bones in wet jeans.

Now this sounds familiar but can’t remember… Lovely followers anyone of you know?


We actually have got quite many request at the moment for help for finding lost fic(s), and those are usually the requets that take the longest time to answer (atleast for me), if we don’t know them straight on.

So I wholeheartedly suggest you guys to use this amazing community on livejournal the THE ST-FICFINDER! All you need is livejournal account and you are ready to go~

— Anonymous: looking for fics (like genetleman alone) where one or both of them have kids before they meet?

The Balance of Things by cagedbirdsings

AOS. Sometimes life needs an adjustment period.

Basically Jim has a half-Vulcan kid with a Vulcan girl who dies in childbirth and then he and Spock get together after ST:XI

Goliath by DullYellowEye

AOS. Six years ago Carol Marcus gave birth to Jim Kirk’s son, dumping him and running as far away from the scandal as she possibly could. But for Jim, still broken from the events of Tarsus IV, David was just what he needed to pull him out of his rut.

Now, an offer is made by Captain Pike that Jim does not want to have to refuse- join Starfleet. Become everything his father had been and more. But he refuses to leave his son- his whole world- behind. So the only question really left to ask is whether the ‘fleet is ready for two Kirks and their determination to be everything they possibly can be.


David by 

AOS. When Spock met Lieutenant James T. Kirk and his son, David, he did not expect them to become a permanent fixture in his life. He was wrong.


My Beautiful Human by

AOS. Jim is an extraordinary human. He exceeds expectations constantly set for him in all areas of his life. His leadership abilities, his quick thinking, and his intellect are contributing factors in his potential for becoming a great starship captain. His fair colouring and symmetrical features are striking, making him stand out in a crowd of even the most aesthetically pleasing individuals. His mind is like a beaming sun, a warmth that Spock has missed on this cooler planet, pulling him in with all of its promising radiance.

When Jim smiles at Stalek, however, it is his heart and his love that make Jim the most beautiful Human that Spock has ever encountered.

— Anonymous: The fic where, I'm pretty sure it's Jim, loses his ability to feel pain? Something about third degree burns when him and Spock are drinking tea and Jim not even realizing the replicator was malfunctioning and it was too hot? Ugh, I'm sure I've read it twice but now that I don't remember it, it's gonna bother me forever. Help?

This one? I remember it had tea, third degree burns, and something about they can’t test Jim’s neurological system while he is asleep. I think the tea bit was in part 3

- Katri

The Omitted Admission—Stumbling into Love by blcwriter



Others have any idea what this could be?

AOS. For the prompt “Spock gives Kirk a meld for Christmas; Spock sees more than Kirk intends him to.” Except it kind of turned into a mini-big bang, and the meld precedes Christmas by just a bit.  It’s your classic h/c with the “can they get it together before it’s too late” thrown in for good measure.  Because tropes are fun at the holidays.

— Anonymous: The fic where, I'm pretty sure it's Jim, loses his ability to feel pain? Something about third degree burns when him and Spock are drinking tea and Jim not even realizing the replicator was malfunctioning and it was too hot? Ugh, I'm sure I've read it twice but now that I don't remember it, it's gonna bother me forever. Help?


Others have any idea what this could be?

mikaelamariluvsyou: Hi! I was looking for this fic you've recced before (I already checked the Jealous!Spock and Public sex tags and it doesnt seem to be there anymore but it started off with jim dancing naked in a fountain for some alien festival and spock getting jealous then public wall sex and feels ensue. Thank you for being so perfect!
Here you go!
Red Shift by jane_potter
Even on alien planets where it’s socially acceptable, Spock doesn’t do well with public nudity, particularly when his mate is involved. Fortunately for Jim, this usually leads to possessive wallsex.
— Anonymous: Any panty fics? Preferably where Jim wears them ^-^

Here! and here is awesome picture of Spock wearing panties that was drawn for this blog. The panty fics seem to be rare and few.

wonderingastronaut: Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys could list some more from Uhura's perspective? There were a few here and there, but I /love/ them so please?

 We may have more on the outsider pov tag

 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is In Love with Your Captain version 2.0 by Miss Car

AOS. How exactly do you tell if your boyfriend is falling in love with someone else? From personal experience, Lt. Uhura has come up with 10 signs to look for.

The Descent by auburnrecluse

AOS. In the stark clarity of hindsight, Nyota Uhura can pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed. It happened in the dark bowels of the Enterprise, behind an impenetrable wall of glass.

Fight to Win by allbutwon

AOS. James T. Kirk does not like to lose.

…as Told by Mess Hall Conversations by

AOS. Becoming friends with the very same drunken, arrogant would-be-suitor from over three years ago who was now officially her captain was something Nyota would never have even considered in the past. Kirk was amusing in small doses, annoying the days she had to share more than two classes with him and utterly, utterly intolerable in large quantities. She had absolutely no idea how Dr. McCoy put up with him. It happened so gradually she never even saw it coming…

Shades of Mine by

AOS. It’s the juiciest scandal of the decade. These are widely known facts:
1) On Stardate 2258.266, Commander Spock marries Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. Captain James T. Kirk is his best man.
2) On 2259.092, a mission goes awry, and Captain Kirk is irreversibly turned into a ten year old.
3) On 2259.155, Captain Spock and Lieutenant Uhura legally adopt the boy.
4) Eight years later, Commander Uhura resigns from active duty and files for divorce. The rumor has it their son is the reason.
Those are the facts, but they don’t tell the whole story. This is a story about family, acceptance and different shades of love. Told through Uhura’s, McCoy’s, Spock’s and Jim’s eyes.

Due to their respective break-ups, Jim and Uhura both desperately need to get away for a while.  They meet online to find a solution.  Obviously, this is based off of The Holiday, though it is not a crossover!
each chapter has Jim’s and Uhura’s pov
withinmeloveresides1: I saw your post where you said you had forgotten to back up your computer with the fics you had collected, and if I can be of any help I can scout out some of the Star Trek fics if you remember some of them. I feel much sympathy for you.

Thank you ever so much, you are such a lovely person but I think I remember most of them, or atleast on which site they were.

The are some st pieces that I had found on those writer’s own obscure homepages’ and kardasi, but ofcourse I don’t remember them names.., if I remember those I will be sure to contact you!